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Regardless of the conditions (which claims are "good" due to shelter food etc) the horses are exploited and objectified at the park for human entertainment because they are forced to pull trolleys when it is not essential or necessary for their life or well being. They are forced to pull heavy trolleys with lots of people on them when humans can easily walk or choose the other forms of transportation that are right next to the horse drawn trolleys. The other forms of transportation do not come at the expense of the well being of other sentient beings that cannot consent. They are forced to do labor in a stressful, loud, and unnatural environment all for human entertainment. They "train" the horses by forcing them not to respond to stressful triggers that they would naturally react to. The only reason why breeders bring horses into the world is because they are aware that places such as are willing to use horses for human entertainment therefore the breeders have a spot to fill. would not lose profit if they stopped exploiting sentient beings that cannot consent and sent the horses to a sanctuary to live their life in freedom where everything will be done in the best interest of the horse. ____________________________________

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