Splish Splash Saturday Part 2: Cruising & Living on the Magical S

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Splish Splash Saturday Part 2 Cruising amp Living on the Magical S
Splish Splash Saturday Part 2: Cruising & Living on the Magical Seas! Another comment that was mentioned in a previous post is about our crew mess which is our crew cafeteria. Our crew mess is very different than our guest areas of where we eat. As for working in entertainment, we are allowed to put in dining requests to eat at the guest restaurants. This guest privilege depends on each department. There are many nationalities on the cruise ship who work so our crew mess reflects that. If you love rice then the mess is perfect for you. Lol. But on the real there is a salad station we have, sandwich station, pasta station, soup station, meat craving station and everyday 2 pm the crew mess has magic lunch which for us is like happy hour meaning we get to have the guest food from upstairs. So basically to sum it up working on a cruise ship reminds me of an extension of college. In my college dormitory room in the ship, you can ask for a roomate request. Let's just say I have had some really "interesting" ones but as of recently I have has some good ones. Our cabins we share are smaller than a college dorm but honestly I'm working more than I'm at home. We have a Crew Activities Manager(CAM) which reminds me in college he or she is like Residential Advisor (RA) of the cruise ship. Our CAM aka RA is in charge of planning out the crew' activities every cruise to make sure we are getting the chance of self care after work. The one question people ask me is do we have a bar? The answer is Yes, does an almond have to be squeezed to make milk? Lol Our CAM plans out different theme nights in our crew bar. I always enjoyed 80's nights. The drinks served in the bar are very affordable I believe it would cost you at least under 3 dollars of your drink of choice. Happy sailings, sailors and Welcome to Splish Splash Saturdays where I'll take Q & A on things of what I call ship life. ■■■■■■■■■■■

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