The Kid's Clubs on our Disney Magic Cruise were fantastic. Severa

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The Kids Clubs on our Disney Magic Cruise were fantastic. Severa
The Kid's Clubs on our Disney Magic Cruise were fantastic. Several weeks before our cruise we filled out online forms explaining all of her allergies (see highlighted stories for examples). When we checked in for the first time, I filled out another form allowing them to keep her epipens on site. Every time we checked in they reviewed her information, and every time we checked out they reviewed her information again and returned her epipens. Every employee. Every single time. They were so consistent! The kids club required kids to wash their hands before going in to play, but my kids liked their self-washing machines so much they washed on the way out, too The Cruise also had hand washing stations and wipes at the entrance to every restaurant on the ship They only served meals two times in the Kid's Club but we were not there for any of them so I can't review their procedures. However, we did participate in the "Anyone Can Cook" Ratatouille experience where kids got to make cookies (pictured). Notice the red ribbon on the apron of the "cool" kid next to her? He had food allergies too! They were assigned a counselor to help them and had their own table where they made their "cookies" (which included flour, sugar, water, and oil instead of the usual butter and eggs.) She participated in the whole program and was included every step of the way, even eating allergy-friendly cookies at the end. I snuck this picture (and then got in trouble ) because it made my heart happy to see her with everyone else participating in a safe version of a group food activity. They made all the kids stay there to eat and then immediately go wash their hands before they could play in the other areas. We were on the boat for four days with thousands of people and kids, and she never even had a mild allergic reaction! It made me realize how much easier life could be for her if everyone in the world would just wash their hands after they ate! I wish Disney magic could make that happen!

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